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5 Ways in Which Earthie Strives to be a Sustainable Brand

I knew that sustainability was going to be a key focus for the brand. I was learning more and more about the dark side of the fashion industry – in particular the consequences of 'fast fashion' – and I knew I wanted to create a brand that moved in the opposite way, with all aspects of the business striving to be part of a positive movement to more thoughtful, sustainable fashion.

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Certifications of the Garments We Source – What Does It All Mean?

Where does it come from? Is it made in a fair working environment? What impact does it have on the environment? Being a sustainable clothing brand with strong environmental and ethical values, a lot of thought, research and care goes into selecting the garments we source. Not only is it important that our garments are high quality, it is imperative that they align with our brand values.

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Earthie – The Story of a Sustainable Clothing Start-Up

Nature is the true artist, and the source from which I draw much of my inspiration. There's just something so incredibly breathtaking about the infinite colours and textures and patterns to be discovered when you explore the outside world. Nature's architecture and composition is amazing, it's energy and growth is magic. The intricacy of every little detail and the contrast between countless different landscapes is phenomenal...

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