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Our Process


The process begins with creating the design. Owner and designer Rhiannon starts off developing a concept with sketching, and then will go back and forth between drawing and working on the computer to develop the design until it’s at a stage where its suitable for the screen printing process, our chosen method for printing on the garments.


Once the design is finished, we have a screen made up for it and then individually screen print each shirt by hand, utilising a commercial grade printing carousel to assist in achieving high quality prints. We use water-based inks which are much more environmentally friendly (and safer for working with) than traditional plastisol screen printing inks, and they also have a nice soft feel printed on the shirts.

Each garment is run through a commercial tunnel dryer after printing to heat set the ink, ensuring longevity. 

We endeavour to pay as much attention to detail to the whole process of making a shirt ready for sale, right down to printing our material tags on organic cotton and sewing them into the neck of the shirt, and hand-making the cardboard swings tags using 100% post-consumer recycled card, custom made stamps and hemp twine.


"Nature is obviously a big source of inspiration for me and this is reflected in my designs. I love the different elements, and I’ve also always really loved surrealism and the idea of tapping into the dreamlike creativity locked inside the subconscious. I really like working with typography too so this element also has a role to play in my designs.

"Ideas can pop into my head randomly from different sources, and sometimes I just start playing with a seedling of an idea not knowing where it’s going to grow to from there. For example the Flower Girl design initially began with the intention of just being a sketch to develop my skills in drawing faces, but it soon became apparent to me that she embodied the spirit of Earthie, expressing the part of her that is born from nature, her wild side, and I had to make her a part of the collection. The Entwined design was the first concept I had in mind when I first came up with the idea for Earthie, but it took quite a long time to bring it to life as I envisioned it.

"The ink splatter singlets were born from wanting to experiment with something a bit different, and the concept reflects the idea of just letting loose and having a bit of fun. I was also playing with the idea of creating individually unique garments to offer as no two are the same, and this is going to lead to experimentation with other ideas I have to create individually unique garments and different printing techniques."

– Rhiannon, Owner & Designer

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